Weekdays      9 am to 12 noon and 4 pm to 7 pm
Saturdays      9 am – 2 pm
Sundays         Closed

The following describes how we will implement the use of the batting cages in a way that protects everyone’s health:

Reserving a Batting Cage

  • All cage reservations must be made in advance over the telephone (970-472-0048) (no walk-ins)
  • Two people allowed per cage – no exceptions
    • This can be a parent and a child – or –  two adults. No other friends or family will be allowed in the facility during batting.)
  • All customers must bring their own bat and helmet
  • If you want to throw live, the customer must bring their own baseballs
  • If you want to use a pitching machine, we will provide you with sanitized dimple balls

Facility Health and Safety Measures

  • In compliance with the city and county requirements as of Monday, May 4th, all employees and customers are required to wear face masks. 
  • No more than 10 people in The Edge at one time (employees and customers)
  • 6 feet of social distancing will be maintained
  • Side-by-side batting cages will not be occupied at the same time
  • All Edge equipment will be sanitized after each use (dimpled balls, pitching machines, etc.)
  • Disinfecting hand sanitizer will be provided as customers walk through the door
  • Regular disinfecting of payment portals and other high-contact surfaces
  • Employees are screened for COVID-19 symptoms each day

If you or someone in your household is feeling sick or experiencing symptoms, we ask that you please stay home.

Thank you and we are happy to have our batting cages operating again!  We hope to see you in!


All other activities at The Edge will remained suspended until we have the authorization to open. Right now, we are following the directives of the state’s ‘safer at home’ policy and the city/county’s policy of needing face masks for all people in buildings open to the public.  We hope that the directives will be sufficiently loosened by June 1st to allow us to restart our programs. Keep your fingers crossed!

We will keep you updated with start dates in regard to field rentals, preschool and youth programs, and adult soccer/flag football leagues.

If you need to communicate with us, please do so via our main email: information@edgesportscenter.com

We encourage you to fully respect the guidelines so that we can all get past this sooner than later!

And when you get back, as a ‘reward’ for waiting patiently, you will be able to enjoy our brand new synthetic turf on the field.  If you haven’t seen the pics yet, check out our Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/TheEdgeSportsCenter/


The Edge Sports Center Staff

Now offering online registration for all

Youth Sports and Preschool Sports programs!!

Fort Collins Indoor Sports Center

The Edge Sports Center is a Fort Collins Indoor Sports facility that provides the opportunity for year-round instruction, practice, and both recreational and competitive league play for ‘turf-based’ sports. The centerpiece of the facility is the 60 x 40 yard indoor field equipped with the latest generation of synthetic turf that “looks, feels, and plays like real grass.”

“The Edge,” as we like to call it, is a family-owned company and operated by Phil and Pat Ebersole who built and opened the facility in 2004.

Our goal is to provide a ‘Safe, Clean and Friendly’ environment for participants & spectators alike. We are open almost 360 days a year. We invite you to stop by and visit us at any time. We will happily give you a tour of our Fort Collins indoor sports facility and bring you up to date on all of our upcoming programs for the Preschool Sports, Youth Sports and Adult Sports.

Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have.

The Facility

The Edge Sports Center has been designed expressly to support team-centric indoor practice, instruction and league play for ‘turf-sports’ such as softball, baseball, soccer, football and lacrosse. The centerpiece of the facility is its 22,000 sq foot indoor field, equipped with the latest generation of synthetic turf that looks, feels, and plays like real grass. The surface of the indoor field is comparable to a professionally maintained outdoor field. The surrounding walls are padded on all sides to a height of 8 feet. The center of the field is 30′ in height and the edges are 20′ in height.

As a Fort Collins indoor sports center, access is easily controlled – no one enters or leaves the facility without passing by the front desk and our video cameras. And protection from the sun, wind, rain, snow and thunderstorms comes automatically!
Our field can be easily converted to support the sport of your choice. For example, we can set up a full-size baseball or softball infield with in-ground bases set at the appropriate distance for your age group (all the way up to 90 feet!) A full-field soccer setup provides a 60 x 40 yard field on which we play ‘outdoor soccer, indoors” using 18’ x 6’ goals.

We also have floor-to-ceiling divider curtains that can split the field up into smaller pieces which are less expensive to rent than the entire field. These smaller areas may be appropriate for you depending upon the age and number of participants in your group.

The Edge Sports Center offers sports facility rentals for a variety of sports such as Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Football, Lacrosse, Volleyball, Tennis, Basketball. We can provide space rental for sports teams, athletes, kids parties and even corporate parties.

We have easy drop-off and pick-up from your car at the front door. There are over 80 parking spaces available. And access is easy based on our location at the intersection of I-25 and SH 14/Mulberry in Northeast Fort Collins.