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Summer Tackle Football Camp

Tackle Football Summer Camps

Youth Tackle Football Camps
Tackle Football Camp
Boys & Girls
3 - 8 (Fall 2017 Grade!)
July 24 - 28
11:30 am - 2 pm

Designed for beginning and intermediate players (no experience necessary), this youth football camp will cover both individual tackle football skills as well as team play. Session time includes both instruction through drills as well as controlled scrimmages. This camp is designed to teach proper and safe tackle football techniques.

Campers will be divided by age, size and ability after being weighed and observed by the coaching staff at the beginning of camp.

Although the number of separate groups will be determined by the number of participants, in no case will a player be required to participate in contact drills with players outside their age/weight classification.

Lead Instructor

This camp will be led by Coach Derek Franz, Head Coach of the Freshman Football team at Fort Collins High School.

The head coach will be assisted by experienced local youth football coaches as needed to keep the player to coach ratio at approximately 8 to 1.

  • All players must wear full tackle football equipment, including: helmet, shoulder pads, hip pads, thigh pads, knee pads and a football practice shirt and football pants. Footwear can be playing shoes with rubber molded cleats or plain sneakers. No metal cleats are allowed.
    • Equipment can be rented from The Edge for $55/player, which includes: helmet, shoulder pads, football pants with hip, thigh, & knee pads and a football practice shirt
    • Players must come in BEFORE the camp to be fitted for equipment!
  • Players are responsible for bringing their own football shoes: rubber molded cleats or plain sneakers. No metal cleats are allowed.
  • No one will be allowed to participate without full equipment that is in good shape.
  • Every player MUST have a mouth guard, which can be purchased at any sporting goods store. The Edge sells them for $4.95 plus tax, but you should purchase them in advance since they need to be heated and molded to your child's teeth. Players will not be allowed to participate without a mouth guard!
  • All campers should bring a water bottle containing PLAIN WATER.The best ones have a straw that players can use to drink without taking their helmets off. Please write your camper's name on the container.
  • Cost
  • Grades 3 - 8: $125/Player
  • Click here for a registration form.

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    The Indoor Football Facility at The Edge in Fort Collins

    The Edge Sports Center Indoor Football Field is 60 yards long and 40 yards wide, making it the largest indoor football facility in Northern Colorado. This field is approximately 50% wider than an official indoor soccer rink (where some flag football leagues are played), and rectangular in shape, making it a much more similar to an outdoor football field. The height of the playing area along the center of the field is 30 feet, giving more than ample room to ‘air it out’ on passes.

    The field is equipped with the latest generation of in-filled synthetic turf that "looks, feels, and plays like real grass." This is the same type of surface that Colorado State University has installed on its football practice field on campus,the new indoor practice facility on campus, and at Hughes Football Stadium. Many other college and professional teams are adopting this new technology for its safety and playability.

    Flag FootballFlag Football

    The football field at The Edge Sports Center was designed with player safety as a top priority. There are no ‘hockey-style’ boards lining the playing field. Instead, the outer boundaries of the playing field (sidelines and back-of-the end zone line) are defined with permanent lines inlaid in the turf. On three sides of the field, there is six feet of space between the limit of the field and the padded wall of the building. On the fourth side, there is an 11-foot space between the sideline and the padded wall of the field area. In addition to the significant space between the exterior lines of the field and the walls of the building, all walls are PADDED with two inches of vinyl covered foam. This design significantly reduces the potential of injury when the players go out-of bounds.

    Approximately 50 T5 High-Efficiency Fluorescent Lights provide the best indoor facility lighting in the area, AND they use far less energy than metal-halide lights.

    Youths who play outdoor football (or soccer) and have athletic shoes with molded rubber cleats may wear them on the field. Sneakers or tennis shoes work just fine also, especially for the younger players. Metal cleats are not allowed. Players with screw-on cleats must check their cleats from time to time to ensure that they are not overly worn to the point where the metal shows through.

    For youth camps and clinics, we have two setups: Older kids use the 'full-field' setup diagrammed above. Parent and spectator seating is on the south side of the field. For younger players, a smaller field size is used which allows us to have two fields in use at the same time, and to provide seating for parents and spectators in between the two fields.

    Flag Football

    If you haven’t played football on this turf, you don’t know how enjoyable indoor football can be! Come in for a ‘test drive!’

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