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Adult Drop-In Soccer at The Edge Sports Center

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Single session rate is $7.50/player

SAVE MONEY & TIME by buying a punch card with 7 punches for $45 (works out to less than $6.50/session). Punch cards may be used either for multiple players in one session (e.g. a 7 person team) or by one or more players over several sessions. Cards have no expiration date

Every drop-in player is issued a unique ID number. This number will be used to improve the efficiency of the drop-in reservation process, especially over the phone.

Note: ALL of our evening drop-in sessions are now filling up quickly, sometimes by the middle of the day. If you want to play and don't want to make a trip for nothing, you should call in advance early in the day and reserve a slot with a credit card (or stop by & pay cash).

How sessions are organized:

  • Teams are formed as players sign-up.
  • If there are 12 players or less, we simply divide the players in half and play with 2 teams.
  • If there are over 12 players, we either have substitutes for 2 teams, or go to a 3 or 4 team mode.
  • In 3 or 4 team mode, we play 5 minute games. Winner stays on until they lose or until they have played all the other teams.
  • Format is 6 v 6 or 7 v 7, including keepers, depending on how many players show up.
  • Session Length
    • 21 players or less - 90 minutes
    • 21 - 28 players: 2 hours
  • Limited to 28 players maximum (4 teams of 7).

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