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The Edge Sports Center has several field configurations available for use by lacrosse teams:


Full Field Team Practice Setup: The full 180' x 122' open field has been permanently lined to simulate the center section (lengthwise) of a full-sized lacrosse field, from the mid-field strip to the end-line beyond the goal. This allows enough space for a standard size 'Attack area,' with the corresponding mid-field area.

Two full-size, standard lacrosse goals are available in this configuration.

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Edge Sports Center Lacrosse Facilities

Partial Field Team Practice Setup (2/3 field, 1/3 field): The Edge Sports Center’s 60 yard by 40 yard indoor field can be sub-divided into either a 2/3 field configuration, or a 1/3 field configuration simply by lowering one, or both, floor-to-ceiling divider curtains made of high quality vinyl. These smaller areas rent at substantially lower rates than the full field, and hence may represent a cost-effective practice solution for your team.

Two full-size, standard lacrosse goals are available for use during practice in the partial field areas.

Lacrosse Facility Room

Alternate Lacrosse Facility Room

The 3 v 3 Lacrosse (“Chumash”) League Setup: Two full 3 v 3 Lacrosse (“Chumash”) fields can be fit into the 60 yard by 40 yard indoor field at The Edge Sports Center. This allows two games to be taking place simultaneously. Each field is equipped with a standard Chumash goal. There is protected space in the middle of the field for spectators.

Lacrosse Practice Area

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