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full size commercial flag and tackle football facility

full size commercial flag and tackle football fieldThe Edge Sports Center Football Field area is 60 yards long and 40 yards wide, making it the largest commercial indoor Football facility in Northern Colorado. This field is approximately 50% wider than an official indoor soccer rink, and rectangular in shape, making it a much more similar to an outdoor football field. The height of the playing area along the center of the field is 30 feet, giving more than ample room to ‘air it out’ on passes.

The field is equipped with the latest generation of in-filled synthetic turf that looks, feels, and plays like real grass. Outdoor football (or soccer) shoes with molded rubber cleats are allowed and seem to work best for most players.

There are no ‘hockey-style’ boards at The Edge Sports Center. Instead, the outer boundaries of the playing field (sidelines and back-of-the end zone line) are defined with permanent lines inlaid in the turf. On three sides of the field, there is six feet of space between the limit of the field and the wall of the building. On the fourth side, there is an 11-foot space between the sideline and the wall of the field area, which is utilized as the spectator area. An ‘out-of-bounds’ call is made when the player steps over one of these field boundary lines.

In addition to the significant space between the exterior lines of the field and the walls of the building, all walls are PADDED with two inches of vinyl covered foam. Over 100 metal-halide lamps provide the best lighting around for indoor fields.

The goal line is marked by a permanent line that almost spans the field (in reality, it is the front line of the goalie box in soccer) which is extended to the sideline for flag football. Two additional temporary lines are added halfway between each goal line and the midfield line. This creates 4 11-yard sections of the playing field, plus two 6-yard end zones.

The uprights are implemented using bright tape woven into the netting that protects the walls. The uprights exist at both ends of the field, and the field is symmetric is all other aspects, hence there is no ‘field-flipping’ necessary when possession of the ball changes.

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