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Baseball Facilities

A full-size indoor diamond is the centerpiece of The Edge when it is configured for baseball. A floor-to-ceiling, heavy duty vinyl divider curtain creates a 120' x 122' area for the full-size diamond. Standard bases, available on site, are anchored into sleeves at whatever distance is needed for the team using the field, from 60' to 90'. There is plenty of room to 'play behind the base' no matter what base length is used.

A standard pitcher's plate, also anchored into a sleeve, is set at the required distance. Alternatively, a portable indoor pitching mound can be used.

The foul lines and batter's boxes/catcher area are permanently inlaid in the turf. Dugouts with benches and bat racks are provided. Seating for spectators is provided behind chain link in 'center field.' An L-screen and JUGS pitching machine are available as needed.

On the other side of the divider curtain, three 51' drop-down tunnels, fully netted, are available for live-hitting or throwing. Four additional 75' throwing lanes are also available as a bull pen area or for 'long toss. Each lane can be setup with a portable pitching platform is desired. In a separate area next to the field, there are 3 permanent batting cages equipped with pitching machines. Altogether, a total of 11 individual practice areas are available for hitting or throwing in addition to the full-sized infield.

indoor facilities include baseball diamond, batting cages, and indoor pitching bullpen, with adujstable dimensions

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Indoor Baseball Diamond, Indoor Pitching, and Indoor Batting Cages in Northern Colorado for Practice, Camps, Instruction, Leagues, and PreSchool Baseball
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